Lindsey - Palatine, Illinois
Entered on May 12, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

I believe that hope is the strongest of human emotions. I believe people can pick themselves off the ground after being trampled by everyone close to them. Why? They are looking, hoping, for a better life than before. The earliest example I can think of is the Holocaust and how everyone (it seems like too strong of word, but it’s the only fitting word) triumphed over the Nazis in their attempt to rid the world of “unfit” people. They literally never gave up. I can’t think of any other reason besides hope. They hoped for their rescue; they hoped to see their families; they hoped to return home; they hoped for food; they hoped for a future life. And when they hoped, they dreamt. Dreamt of a better world, a better life for all, and an end to violence. In my eyes, only this can get a person through anything.

I recently saw the movie “Life is Beautiful” on HBO. It’s astounding. What the father goes through to protect his son is just miraculous. It makes one hope that this actually did happened and a little boy’s childhood survived the horrors of Auschwitz. This victory of innocence over terror is what proves to people that you can find good in any person, any situation, and any place. The fact that some survivors are mentally strong enough to talk publicly about what happened to them gives me hope that their memories, and with that a part of history, will be preserved.

I just realized that the media does a good job of reminding the public of the Holocaust. I watched CSI: NY the other day; the episode was on victims of the Holocaust and how, even though they are dead, their legend still lives on through their family members and old possessions. One thing I am sure these survivors are hoping for is the future generation’s safety and pure joy from life.

Hope can get a person through anything. It’s that last little ray of light when the world has closed its doors on you. You just have to think to yourself that everything will come out all right in the end. And as it’s said – “If it’s not alright in the end, it’s not the end.”