The World’s Beauty

Nellie - Palatine, Illinois
Entered on May 11, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that the world’s beauty is defined through its diversity; religiously, geographically, physically, and mentally. Although I have not traveled the world and have not been graced with the opportunity to meet other people from different cultures and life experiences, I do know that the core of humankind can be brought together through acceptance.

While thoughts, languages, ideas, and behaviors differ between people; the nature of human behavior is similar in its manner. Feelings and emotions that are alike in definition respectively link people together. Love, Fear, Hope, Anger, Grief, Joy; words that despite their many differing definitions and personal experiences that are attached still define the innermost feelings of each individual human. The differences and similarities that basic emotions exert are the puzzle pieces that link our world together, hand by hand.

The opportunity to choose is a blessing and a burden; for when we choose things based on our opinion we are faced to choose between what is morally correct and what is self-fulfilling. This discrepancy and subtle difference among people throughout the world is what allows us, as a species, to develop and blossom into cultures of beauty, strength, and wisdom.

Throughout the world in different locations and places there is a consistent flow of growth. Like any strong tree, the world’s roots have been fertilized and prepared for all of the different countries and ethnicities to grow, each unique in their own distinct way of expansion. I believe that the different ways that the earth unites as one is what makes where we live a beautiful place.