This I Believe

Brianna - Belleville, New Jersey
Entered on May 11, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I am 17 years old, and I was little I always believed to stand up for what I believe in and to never give up. Since I was a little girl I’ve always been a cheerleader and always had a dream of being the high school varsity cheerleading captain. All though elementary school is was all about who was the best, always a competition. In my case I knew I always had to work hard to get what I wanted in life even if it was something as easy as varsity cheerleading captain.

When I got to high school I made the varsity squad and only had three more years to go until I could finally get the chance to fulfill the dream I always wanted. Three years on the team flew by and I worked as had as I could so I knew I had an equal shot of being captain. On my final year of tryouts came and it as time for captain tryouts, I worked extra hard. Everyday I practiced my dances and cheers until they were perfect and up to par for tryouts. The day of tryouts came fast and before I knew it, it was my turn to perform my captain tryout. I was nervous like any other normal person would be in fear that I would mess up or not perform to my best ability.

I performed my tryout and thought I did ok, hoping I did good enough to get the captain spot I always wanted. A few days later my coach called the three seniors for a meeting to say the results. I had to go through three days of people telling me “You got this!” When it came down to it I didn’t make the captain spot that I dreamed of being since I was a little girl. I was completely crushed. I had many thoughts running threw my head such as quitting the team or staying on the team. I knew quitting the team wasn’t the right thing to do. I knew I should be there for my team; and even though I wasn’t a captain I should still be a leader.

Weeks pasted and I remained on the team. I realized it was the right thing to do considering I was a senior and should be a role model to the rest of my team. Throughout my life I always had my mother encouraging me to do the right thing, and make the right choices. She told me I am old enough to make a decision and whatever I chose she knew it would be the right one. After deciding to remain on the team I realized I should always stand up for what I believe in; which is never giving in no matter how though the situation is. This, I believe.