A Parent’s Love

Aaron - Beverly Hills, Florida
Entered on May 11, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, love

Imagine this, you are sliding down a big red slide, “the biggest” you say, when all of a sudden you flip on a turn and fall a couple of feet on your back! That was my predicament. Searing pain racing up my back, into my shoulders. My mom comes rushing, faster then the speed of light, to comfort me. This is what I believe-a parents love. After my mom put me in our car, drove me to the hospital, and then rushed me inside, they put me in a white room. They brought all source of stuff: cookies, drinks, even a big teddy bear! They told my mom that I broke my collarbone and needed a special brace. They got out the brace and put it on me. I was screaming in pain, trying not to turn and hit anybody. They finally succeeded in putting it on me. The searing pain was too much and I past out. When I woke up I was at my house and my mom was looking at me. I jumped up and screamed and then whimpered because of the pain. My mom jumped to because I had scared her. When we both calmed down my mom asked “Are you ok?” I was so not ok, but I put on a hard, fake smile and said, “Fine”, but then I grimaced and lay back down. She gave me some ice cream, turned on the T.V. and left to do some laundry. When she came back she found me asleep and took my bowl away, turned the T.V. off, and pulled the blanket up to my shoulders. I had to stay in the house for a couple of weeks, and after awhile I got bored. But, of course, my mom was always there helping me and always being there when I needed her. I love my mom, even when the brace came off, when I got a baby sister, and all the attention was on the baby, I stilled loved her, and that she loved me. This, I believe.