Fate and second chances

Kathry - Richmond, Virginia
Entered on May 11, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

I believe that fate has a way of bringing back what is important. If something or someone is that important, fate will give you a second chance. I believe in this because of the love story of my mom and stepdad.

My mom and stepdad lived in the same small town and went to elementary school together. My stepdad moved from Ohio to Pennsylvania in the sixth grade. Both of them wrote letters back and forth throughout the years. My mom continued to live in Ohio, while my stepdad went from Pennsylvania to California.

During their college years, my mom went out to California to visit my stepdad. My mom really liked him, and he really liked her. Unfortunately, my stepdad is extremely shy and did not tell my mom how he felt about her and let her go back to Ohio. My mom got married, and then my stepdad got married. They lost contact and went their separate ways.

Then, twenty years after the visit in California, they made contact again. Both were divorced, and still really liked each other. After a few years of talking and emailing and trips to see each other they got married.

When my mom tells the story, she uses her index fingers as her and my stepdad. They start at one point, go opposite directions, and then meet again- tracing a heart in the air.