i believe in the first admendment

jt - richmond, Virginia
Entered on May 11, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

i believe in the first amdendment. furthermore, i believe in the idea that in america, you can do whatever it is that you please. now granted, i understand the need for ‘law and order. the thing i dont understand is how two people of the same sex marrying, or women on the front lines, or people smoking weed on their death beds creates a disturbance in the balance of ‘law and order’.

i dont understand. i dont get how the people who belive against all these things come to their conclusion. and the truth is i probably never will. but i dont want to understand them and i dont particularly need them to understand my side. i just want them to leave everyone else alone. how is one man’s marriage affected by another’s? im not complaining about their guns or religion based politics (or maybe i am) or their old fashioned way of living. i dont care how they live. because as an American, i believe that they should be able to live how ever it is that they want- however it is that they feel comfortable living. all i want is to feel comfortable. for everyone to feel comfortable. it is, however, understood that everyone wont feel comfortable with everyone else’s life choices, but thats okay. we just need to feel confident in ourseleves. and the first amendment gives us the right to be ourselves. thank you america for giving me myself; you are what i believe in.