Pay It Forward

Grace - Moscow, Idaho
Entered on May 11, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the spread of happiness. My mother and I started our game of paying it forward. She gets great satisfaction from seeing people happy as do I. I have done many nice things for people but I have not done something that in return of their happiness makes me happy. As my mom and I started our “game” I never knew that a pizza boy would make me truly happy.

I got a text from my mom early Sunday morning. As I read the text with the words “pay it forward… love mom” I tried to think of something nice I could do. I slowly drifted back to sleep and was awaken by my roommate asking me if I wanted to order pizza, I agreed. We asked for delivery and then waited. As I was walking down the hall to pick up the pizza I noticed it was pouring down rain, the pizza boy had been standing in the rain with a distinct look of desperation in his eyes. I could tell this was not a pizza boy but a man with long curly hair, wrinkled tanned skin, shorter built and not in the best of shape, who looked like his life had been run down. As I looked at him I looked at his beat up, rusty Geo and realized that this was this man’s occupation not a first job or even a second job but his only job. At that moment a state of sadness rushed over me I now felt the desperation that was in his eyes. This was an example of a man who was truly unhappy, I then remember I still had yet to pay it forward.

As he handed me the pizza he I was thinking of something that I could do change his wet and rainy day. When I looked at him his eyes got big as he saw the $20.00 tip I had just given him. I could see the smile start to curl around his mouth and I could see his eyes brighten from their desperate stage. He looked at me and said thank you, this thank you was almost a cry out for help thank you, his sweet scratchy older voice broke when he said it. I smiled back and told him to have a good night and thank you for the pizza.

Those minutes walking back to my room I realized I had truly changed someone’s day and made someone happy. I know they say money can’t buy you happiness, but in this case money did. Not in a bad way but out of kindness of one person to another. I knew that I had put a smile on this man’s face this in return made me happy. I only hope by me making someone else happy that man someday will pay it forward.