Courtney - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on May 10, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

All through my life I have tried to please my mom and at all it just made them mad, or it wasn’t important info. One time, for mothers day I spent for ever trying to make a gift for my mom, I did it with my own hands, it said why I loved my mom and all the things she’s done for me. And then my other sister Amanda made a cup for mom; mom still has that cup but no book….

Amanda didn’t know what to do when she grew up, when she graduated from high school she went to a commodity college, and while I grow I try to find the best job, one that I well love and one that my parents would like for me to have. I have changed what I wonted to do all the time, but it wasn’t till I met my friend Maddie I new. She loved the sea and so did I and I looked up to her I new what I wonted to do, I wonted to raise dolphins. I didn’t know were I would do it and I wonted to do it some place that every one new, and every one was amazed to see, and then it hit me seaward. So I went to school the next day and told Maddie what I wonted to do, she said that was great and that I would love being there and that I could do it. Well on Sunday I told my parents what I wonted to do. My dad said that was cool, my mom said that I would be making the same amount of money that people who world at McDonalds make. I said no and that I could make it and that I could make a living on that and all she did was stare at me with “ya uh what ever, like you know” eyes so I went online to find out. they said that they make $11000 to $12000 dollars a year, I started to cry she didn’t like it, it felt like she had gone it to my mind and took my dream and smashed it on the ground. I sat there and cried, she came back in and said “you see if you up a 1 at the end (112000) you would be a little bit more closer to how much me and your dad make” and I up my head down and started to cry harder but silent so she woulded get made. Then she said “it is really pathetic isn’t it” I didn’t say any thing she reaped it in louder tone and turned the chair I put my face in the chair and yelled “yes mom yes it is” she ask me what’s wrong I didn’t say anything and she said it again mad, I turned around ran out and yelled “YOU CRUSHED MY DREAM” I believe crush dreams on facts but push on to help us reach our dreams.