This I Belive

Genie - Citrus Springs/FL/34434, Florida
Entered on May 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever done something horrible that you regret? I did, and I will never forget the time when I cut my bangs, because they were too long.

I can remember it like it was just yesterday. It was summer time and the sun was blazing and leaving me with buckets of water rolling down my face. So I shot out of bed did my morning duties and returned back to my room.

I looked into the mirror. My bangs glistened. At that same second I realized that they were as long as a run on sentence. So I ran into the kitchen and grabbed my brother’s Diego scissors and began to hack my bangs.

I watched as my long bangs got smaller and the pile of hair on the floor grew gradually. I stopped , horrified at my reflection in the mirror. I dropped the scissors and fainted for about 2 minutes.

I woke up with a complete headache and made my way back to the mirror. “Oh no!” I cried. “Let me grab the pillow this time,” my annoying brother said. He was laughing as loud as a Fire Fighter Siren.

Through my reflection I realized that I didn’t just cut my bangs, but I had demolished them. Startled by what I did, I ran into my mother’s bedroom to show her my wonderful creation (yeah right!). “Look what I did.” She looked at me looked at me like I never said a word.“Now I bet you regret ever doing that without my help.”

She was right; I did regret every minute of cutting my bangs. At that very moment I thought about what I did and thought some more. I’ve should have asked first but I didn’t.

I can remember that day like a memory card, just saving it forever. I learned that you might think you know what to do all the time, but you have no idea and that you need to ask before you jump to conclusions. This I Believe.