Respect Must be Equal

Jordyn - Placerville, California
Entered on May 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect

I believe that youth should be respected just as much as elders. Age should not be something that determines the level of respect someone deserves. Respect is something that comes from two sides. It shouldn’t be something that one person thinks they deserves and others don’t.

As a student it is frustrating when teachers or administrators have the state of mind that all students should give them respect, but teachers/administrators don’t feel that students deserve respect “they are just students.” People have to earn the respect they deserve and give the respect others deserve as well. In English this year, my teacher was gone for a day and our class had an advanced English teacher fill in. He judged us right from the beginning assuming that just because we weren’t in advanced English we weren’t capable of having an intelligent class discussion on the book we were reading. Simply, because of that lack of respect he had for us the majority of the class lost respect for him.

Age should never be something that determines the level of respect someone deserves. My ideas could be just as good as those of an adult and should be well considered just as much as the ideas or opinions on an adult. In my opinion, everyone starts out with respect until they have done something to lose it.