I Believe Art Can Heal Children

Andra - Placerville, California
Entered on May 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

In my freshman year of high school, the stress at my home became difficult. Other than being a fourteen-year-old at a new high school and being self conscious enough, more things awaited me when I got home from school everyday. Living with an alcoholic father was a struggle for me; I didn’t want to go home after school. All I wanted to do was to go straight to ballet class. Ballet! So boring to others, but to me the biggest and most beautiful relief. As soon as I got onto the dance floor, I was able to express any emotion I was feeling through movement. Letting go of my worries and stresses through dance and art helped me a great deal.

I believe that art can heal children. Art healed me. Now, as a junior in high school, I help teach dance to young girls. I realized what I want to do as a career by watching them have fun and be creative. Helping children express themselves artistically to let out whatever they are feeling seems like the most fulfilling job because helping kids through a hard time with something fun is inspiring. At times when I feel stressed at home, I pull out my ballet barr and let it out while dancing. But it’s not just me; unfortunately many kids and teenagers go through things nobody deserves to go through. Bigger things that maybe they can’t endure on their own. And I want to help them in the way I can. I think that through art a child can be healed.