I BELIEVE that Women Should Accept Themselves

Danielle - Las Cruces, New Mexico
Entered on May 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that girls shouldn’t have to be skinny, anorexic hoochies to be accepted in the world, that we should be comfortable in our own skin (without makeup, or anything adjusted), that girls can have guys accept them for who they truly are and not just for what they look like, that we can eat anything we want to and not worry about calories or fat, that when we eat we shouldn’t go and puke it all up in a couple minutes. Girls also shouldn’t be looked at as an “item.” Girls should be respected and treated as equals, not just some hot chick, or another pretty face.

Unfortunately, women have come to think that in order to be accepted, they have to wear make up, dress like hoochies, and be skinny and anorexic. Sometimes when women aren’t already like that, they do things to themselves that transform them into something they are not. It’s sad these days, because it’s like a woman just can’t be herself and can’t accept the way she looks. The more this affects older more mature women, it starts to infect the younger minds of little girls, and soon that’s how everything falls into place of early pregnancies, little girls dressed in mini-skirts, and the dreadful boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.

Sometimes I find myself looking in the mirror, often disliking what is staring back at me. I judge myself on the simple basics and rules of the entertainment business. If my hair isn’t just like Selena Gomez’s, I destroy the look and try to style my hair differently. Possibly my second try is going to be like Taylor Swift’s. Still, no, it’s not right, so then I just go back to the usual hair thrown up into a ponytail, bangs in a side sweep. Completely unsatisfied, I make my way to the closet. I open the door and peer into the dark small space. No satisfaction in my closet either. All the clothes are different than those of Selena’s and Taylor’s. I sit and think as my outfit for the day is all together and I’m dressed and ready. I slowly pick up a magazine and switch to the page with the marked tab. I examine the outfit I had wanted to wear that day, but didn’t because it was too expensive for me. I feel depressed because once again the entertainment business has manipulated me into thinking that I wasn’t good enough – that my originality is bad.

To think that I would do such a horrible thing as to waste my time like that. But, hey, that’s how it is now. Most girls in America wake up every morning, smell the roses, hear the birds, go look in the mirror, and then criticize themselves.

It’s just how the world works …… I guess.