This I Believe

Waseem - El-Mirage, Arizona
Entered on May 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: addiction, family

This invites you to make a very great contribution not to do drugs. My cousin never did drugs in his life.

Than one day he was hanging out with his friends and his friends were doing drugs. One of his friends said why don’t you try this and he said no I don’t want to drugs. There all come on it makes you relaxed no than all of them said come on and he said fine I will do it. When he tried it he said I am getting relaxed. After the first, second, and third time he started getting addicted to drugs. He started coming home late and his mom is all were have you been and he said with my friends. Than one day he did not come home his mom was calling him and calling and he never answered his phone because he was doing drugs. His mom stayed up all night waiting for him and he never showed up till the next night. His mom was mad at and she said why didn’t you come home last night and he said that I was with my friends. She said what were you doing with your friends. He said we were parting and having fun. Then day after day he would come home one day and another day he would be gone. He would do drugs every day then one day his mom followed him. His mom saw his friends giving him drugs. then his mom went home and waited for him and she asked what were you doing today he said just with my friends. His mom told what were you doing with your friends he said nothing. Then his mom said I seen your friends giving you drugs. He told his mom what were you following me for. His mom said I was following you because I got suspicious with you and your friends. Then he told his mom okay I am doing drugs she said you better stop doing drugs. He said I can’t so his mom put him in a rehab center. Then he started getting better but then he almost died from doing drugs. then finally he stopped doing drugs.

That is why I will never do drugs in my life. This I believe.