This I Believe

Bethany - Leslie, Missouri
Entered on May 8, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

The cold air rushes into my lungs, and my legs scream with fatigue, but my mind is clear. Finally. With no one around, I can sing to my heart’s content without making people cry in pain; I can run till I drop; I can ride which is physically and emotionally satisfying to me. This I believe: everyone should be entitled to have time alone.

When I’m angry, confused, or just plain tired; when I need to think, or even when I am feeling joyful or excited, sometimes I need to get out, and to be alone. On days I feel constricted with too much to do, I run. When I haven’t been sleeping well, because I haven’t done anything physically demanding in days, I ride. When I’m aggravated, or swamped with schoolwork, there is nothing that makes me feel better than to write an analysis over a Biblical passage. Sometimes, just to get away, from the world in general, I’ll read – for hours. And at night, when my mind is reeling from all that has happened in the day, or I am worried about something, I pray, thanking God for hours on end for the blessings He’s given me, and praying for the people and governments in the world. Why do I do these things? To clear my head. Some days I am so burdened with the weight of the world, of school, of caring for people in general, or of thinking only of myself and the things I must accomplish, I don’t have the time to stop and think and enjoy the now.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with stress. Some crank the radio up; some go shopping, others go talk to a friend; and others, like me, want to be alone. I like to be alone in silence. Perfect, blissful silence.

Sometimes, when I’m alone, usually on a horse, and I am looking around at the cows in the thick, green grass, and listening to the birds singing in the trees, I am so overjoyed that I just have to burst into song – praising the Creator for my full, full life. This piece of time, all by myself, will push aside everything that has been on my mind and I am free. Even when I go back to the real world, I’ll bring that joy with me.

I believe everyone should be able to have time to themselves every now and then; time to think, or to clear their minds. A time to be themselves, without distractions or people watching. A time to gather their thoughts in this busy world. A time to enjoy the now.

This I believe: everyone should be entitled to have time alone.