I believe in Dancing

Seren - Fairfield, Connecticut
Entered on May 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Tondues, pliés, fuettes, you name it, I love it. From ballet all the way to hip hop, I believe in dancing. No matter how big or small I may be, how good or bad, I have my own style of dancing. I didn’t have to take a class or be a proffesional to recognize my talent. Dancing comes straight from my heart and with every heartbeat comes the next move. People sometimes look at me and say “Oh she’s good, I can never dance like her.” It’s strange to here this because half the time, the people I hear it from start dancing, and the minute I take one glance at them, I am purely amazed.

I remember taking my first dance class. Feeling scared and alone I slowly started moving my body. Concious of what everyone would say or think about me, I let the music take me away. And the minute I let that happen, I left this world and entered another. I fell head over heels in love with dancing. It surrounded my world in so many ways and made me believe in myself. When I was dancing I was free, and nothing and nobody could bring me down. Following this class I added 14 more classes to my schedule. Before I knew it I was at the studio 18 hours a week doing what I love. Sadly it only lasted 6 years.

However, during those 6 years it became not only a hobby, but a passion. I became to know dancing as an art. With every class and every new routine, I ended up with a new painting each time. They were beautiful and different in their own way. I seemed to create a variety of paintings every week at the least. The music, the drive, the intensity all in one motivated me to feel every beat and every rhythm precisely. Today I look back at these paintings, and realize that I have made an art gallery out of them. And every once in a while when I take a dance class, I add a new painting to my gallery, and keep on growing with my technique.This I believe.