this i believe

nicole - hernando, Florida
Entered on May 7, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

I believe in many things. Family, friends, and god. But only one belief has changed my life throughout the years, and that is change itself. I believe anything can change. Change has affected me greatly in life already, the change of age, lifestyle, personality, and I think that change is going to continue all through my life, and I know I will not be able to control it. I believe that change is always for the good. Slavery changed to freedom, a black man became president, and there is now an effort to slow and eventually stop global warming. These changes and many more affect more people than just me, they have changed many people around the world.

There is one change in my life I’ll never forget though, and that is when my sister left for Tennessee. My sister and I were as close as conjoined twins. We could always finish each other’s sentences and comfort one another in bad time. She always had the perfect advice for me because she went through it too. She was like my mom because when I was a baby my mom and dad worked late so she cared for me. I know I can tell her anything and she would never be disappointed or mad at me. But about four years ago she moved to Tennessee with her boyfriend B.J. and her daughter (my beautiful niece) Hailey.

Samantha said she would be back on June fifth. The day she left I could not stop crying and I felt horrible for fighting with her so much. she called that night to try and comfort me some more like she always used to. I called crying everyday for a week. She came back down to Florida that June with my niece Hailey. I cried when I saw their faces. I had missed them so much. I ran to them with tears streaming down my face. Ever since then my sister has visited every June fifth. But I know change is good for everyone, not just me But for Samantha, Hailey, and B.J. some changes may make us sad, angry, depressed, or even destroyed, but I believe in change.