Ambitious Life

Emmanuel - phoenix, Arizona
Entered on May 7, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe.

I believe that you need to have ambition and must envy something to be someone in life. You must want something really bad with a good intention to be a successful person here on earth. You must envy not a person but a thing and fight the struggle to reach that goal that dream. I believe that if you fight hard for what you want you will reach the top of the mountain. There might be little hills that stand in your way but you must climb them to conquer the journey to the mountain. I believe that if you work hard to be someone and get somewhere in life you will be. But to do that you need to be able to speak out and stand up for yourself.

No one hears someone that doesn’t speak so to make a difference in life, your life, you must speak out and follow your dreams. Even if you were not able to reach your goals you must work hard to help your kids be, that much closer to what once you wanted to be. If in your lifetime you are not able to accomplish what you wanted it, you shouldn’t just give up on it. That must push you forward to help your kids live a better life and their kids live a better life. You should work to improve the future generations not worsen them. This I believe. Everybody should work to improve future generations and if they have the opportunity to reach their goals they should enjoy it and help others to reach their goals.

When I was a freshman in high school my algebra teacher gave us the formula to success. The formula was O+P=S. This means Opportunity plus Preparedness equals Success. This formula is true. If you prepare yourself for the future or for greatness, once you have the opportunity and cease it you will be successful. I know we wont always be prepare for everything but working hard will help us overcome our obstacles and the next time life comes hard at us we will be prepare and the experience will help us conquer the challenge. BE SOMEONE in live not WANT TO BE SOMEONE in live. This I believe.