If I were a book my title would be Tolerance

Eve - Orlando, Florida
Entered on May 7, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: tolerance

If I were a book my title would be…Tolerance

We are born into a family, a gender, a skin color and a culture that we do not choose. As our lives unfold and we are molded by our experiences, we lose touch of the original blank slate which once held such potential. Some of the innate qualities that make us who we are, can at times, hinder our growth through this journey we call life. Sadly, one of the casualties of our experienced growth is tolerance. Tolerance is a gift we give to others and a bigger gift that we can give ourselves. By learning to tolerate the differences in each other, we can find acceptance of our own diversities, thus making our lives that much richer. Some would argue that differences are divisive and even destructive; however, it is specifically those differences which can make our lives extraordinary. We must find a way to instill, teach and foster tolerance. That is why as a book called Tolerance I would hope to bridge the gap that exists in the great chasm of ignorance and small-mindedness. With abounding lessons which would touch the heart of the reader, this book would allow the imagination to wander past the safety of preconceived ideas and forge a safe passage from intolerance to acceptance. Perhaps then the student will become the teacher and this book will no longer be necessary. Tolerance should be inherent, unfortunately it is not, it can however, be taught and learned.