I Believe in Morning Showers

Aaron - San Luis Obispo, California
Entered on May 7, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Startled by a high pitch, fast tempo, and seemingly random techno beat, I throw my sheets off of my bed and spring into a sitting position. As I fumble for my phone to turn off my irritating alarm, I realize that I have to be at work in thirty minutes. With barely enough time to brush my teeth and get dressed, I miss my morning shower. These are the days that I dread. For this entire day, I will be unpleasant, miserable, and not to mention dirty.

Every morning when I wake up, my skin is sticky, I feel dirty, grimy, and when my hair is not short, I have some of the craziest bed head. It gets so out of control that when I occasionally missed a shower in middle school, my hair was the source of laughter for my entire class. Now that I’m older and have to present myself in a more appropriate fashion, I need my morning shower to spare myself the embarrassment of dramatic hair and other hygienic issues. A morning shower is a perfect time to shave, and to wash the oils off of my skin that were causing my sheets to stick to my body. By showering first thing everyday, I feel clean and am able to present myself nicely.

On the days when my morning shower eludes me, I will have wild hair and sticky skin, and I will feel like I never fully woke up. For me, waking up is a chore, and if I could, I would stay within the confines of my bed all day. When I miss a morning shower, I feel as if I didn’t get any sleep. My head hurts, I’m tired, and I’m in a terrible mood. On days when I have no time to sleep in, it has become a routine that when I get out of bed, I turn on the shower and brush my teeth while the water warms up, so that I don’t get back into bed. Upon jumping into the shower, the shock of the water splashing me in the face immediately eradicates my grogginess. My mood lightens, my headache disappears, and I wake right up.

There is something about a morning shower that can wake me up better than the most exasperating alarm clock. When I crawl out of bed half asleep almost every morning, the only way for me to get my day started is by hopping into the shower. By the end of a morning shower, I feel ready to take on the new day. My bed no longer seems so inviting, and with a clean body and eyes fully open, nothing seems as daunting as before. This is why I believe in taking morning showers.