This I Believe

Harpreet - El Mirage, Arizona
Entered on May 7, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

I believe in equal rights. I chose this because everyday I see People who are not treated equaly.People are treated by there looks,how they are different from others.People treat me differently because of the country i am from.Like when a bomb threat happened at my school and kids went around telling other kids I planned everything when I didn’t.That made me think that kids treated me differently because of where I was from.There are more peopleat my school who don’t get equal rights.Some get treated different by there looks or how they act.I think everyone should have equal right. So no one feels left behind. At my school kids treat everyone different. They treat people who are smart differently. They call people names like nerd ot etc. and make them look bad. They treat people who have better looks differently from people that don’t have god looks.There are some examples of how not everyone get equal rights.