That Can’t Happen To Me

Alfreno - Erin, Tennessee
Entered on May 6, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: setbacks

There were times in my life, I believed I was invincible. The thought of being invincible made me think I was a type of action hero. I considered myself being a mixture of “Spider man” and “The Hulk”. I just knew thinking as if I was an action hero that nothing could happen to me. I believe that everyone tends to have some type of invincibility within, when they are young children. I also believe that what goes around comes back around too.

It seemed to never cross my mind that something so tragic could happen to me. I remember seeing myself in school as being an excellent student, but always getting in trouble. I also was a person that hardly participated in extra-curriculum activities. I just didn’t see myself as a sports person. I decided to put education first in my life.

At this time of my life, I was seeing myself as being on top of the world. I couldn’t imagine being set back due to a tragedy. I can remember laughing at others when things happened to them. I always said, “That can’t happen to me”. Saying that made me looks like a real jerk, and that I didn’t care about anyone but myself.

After this moment, my life changed dramatically. It was a month, after my promotion from middle school to high school. When I believe I wasn’t as invincible as I always thought. The tragic accident that I was involved in was being burned by extremely hot grease at the age of fourteen. I can still today, remember the intense pain I encountered from being burned that never seemed to end. I look at the scars I received with a look that’s indescribable. I look at the scars, as a time in my life where I could have died, and that a result of this could have been such pay back for the things I’ve done.

I believe that being burned and claiming to be so invincible made me to be the person I’m today. Which, I believe made me into a stronger person, and into a person that doesn’t look at himself being so mighty. I believe that this happened for a reason. Now, I believe that what goes around comes back around type of deal, which was a result of my actions towards my friends.