Calvin - Waverly, Tennessee
Entered on May 6, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30


Responsibility is an important factor in everyone’s life. Today children are becoming less responsible. Not only the children, but the parents are less responsible for not teaching responsibility. Responsibility can come in many different forms: Chores, sports, and even a pet.

I remember as a young child we lived in a very old house. My dad and I would get up early in the winter mornings and cut the wood to heat our house .simple as it may seem that wood stove taught me a lot about life we lived on my grandfather’s land. He owned fifty two acres in a rural town in Georgia. The land was swampy. Dad and I would cut the trees and drag them out whole with our old Ford 3600 tractor.

Cutting the trees down, and dragging them from the woods was the easy part. After dragging them from the woods we would cut and stack them. I loved the smaller trees; after cutting they didn’t need splitting one day I learned a life lesson while splitting wood for the nights fire always pay attention as I swung with that heavy splitting maul it just glanced the wood the wood bounced and hit me in the face; breaking my glasses .

Heating with wood taught me a lot about life, but there are other teachers. At the age of sixteen I started working with my father he was a heavy machine operator I started out working for free doing my father’s work. Cleaning out the tracks on his bulldozer was a job I hated the life lesson learned here is hard work pays off. One day my dad’s boss seen me working hard; he offered to hire me to do the same job on all his heavy machines. I accepted, and it changed my life forever. I eventually started operating a machine, and working with my father not for him.

Life lessons come in many unexpected ways. I believe after reading this essay it may open your eyes to some life lessons you’ve learned in unexpected places. It’s very different from when I was a child most people hire others to do their children’s chores. For example: mowing the grass, cleaning house amongst other things. I believe people should bring some old time values back into their lives.