I Believe in Cards

Daniel - Las Cruces, New Mexico
Entered on May 6, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in cards, but I do not like card games. I perform the tricks instead. It makes me angry when people disrespect cards by cutting, tearing, or throwing them on the ground. I learn some of my tricks from YouTube. I’ve been learning tricks for about eight years, and I know about 40. I also have a professional teacher named Jonny Smow. I’ve been learning tricks from him for six months now.

I think cards are a very fun thing to do; they are entertaining, and they are a lot healthier for you than T.V. If you progress far enough with them, you can earn money for performing tricks. The Joker and the Ace of Spades, these two cards are my favorite cards in a deck.

When I was nine years old I received a giant wooden bunk bed. It’s not the kind where the top and the bottom beds are parallel. It’s the kind where there’s a little cave for the bottom and the bed is stuck in there, so if you were to look at it from an aerial view, you would see the top bed then the bottom bed protruding from the side of the top. What I did was I extracted the bottom bed from the little cave so I could put a small gripped table in the cave. By “gripped” I mean it has a rough mat on the top. This makes it easier to spread the cards. That is now my Card Cave “The CC”.

In “The CC” I practice all of my tricks and that is also where I perform for my friends and my family. If I’m not at “The CC,” I always keep a card deck with me at all time, even when I go swimming. I have a waterproof deck. Behind the table there’s a wall of cards. On each card is a signature of a person I’ve performed “The Mind Merge” to. “The Mind Merge” is a trick where I tear cards then put them together without looking at them. Yesterday I was watching a Criss Angel trick and I figured out how he does his mindreading card trick. The way this trick is done is you tell a spectator to cut the deck. Then you have them look at the card, think of the card, and then I slowly describe the card to them.

I believe in cards. They cure my boredom. They keep me out of trouble, and they make other people happy. My advice to you is to believe in SOMETHING. Find something for yourself instead of copying someone else.

I’m going to stick with cards.