I Believe In Research

Rachel - New York, New York
Entered on May 6, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in research. Not your stereotypical sickle cell research, but researching bargains, negotiating deals and conquering difficult tasks. Now, while this may seem greedy and or manipulative, I see this activity in quite a different light. I strive to find the best deals, new experiences and hidden treasures to share with the people I care about most. These deals can take the shape of many forms: the best and cheapest restaurant, the hippest low-budget hotel, or an out of this world adventure- you name it, I can find it.

My father is a researcher too, but if I’m the little league, he’s the New York Yankees. My father the “wheeler-dealer” trained me well, teaching me in small increments, one job at a time. He would say: “Rachel, I would like your help making dinner reservations tonight at the Brassiere on 56th street”. “Sure dad!” I would answer and immediately start looking up the telephone number. “Oh, by the way Rach, there is a three month waiting list to eat at this restaurant, but you can get us a table for 8pm tonight right?” I knew my dad could accomplish this “small task” in a heartbeat, and since I desired to emulate each of his characteristics, I had no choice but to coax my way into a table, or as my dad would say- “get it done”.

I have lost the training wheels and now ride my bike for miles, over hills and weaving through congested city streets; I can handle the big jobs. Maybe it’s the New York blood that runs through my veins. I could hypothesize all day long, but what’s the use? I desire no explanation; I am okay with this strange passion I possess. There are so many possibilities: a knish from Katz’s delicatessen to share, an Indian beauty salon for eyebrow threading, or a German Shaffer and Vatter porcelain figurine on e-bay waiting to be found and adopted. I am excited. I am excited to find it- whatever, and for whomever “it” might be. I am ready for the search. I will carry on the legacy. In the end, why wouldn’t I? Look at all the possibilities available only a Google search away.