The Poetry of: My American Dream

Patty - Stewartsville, New Jersey
Entered on May 6, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

As I child, I believed that a knight on a white horse would come to my rescue.

He would ride up to my house, scoop me up into his very strong arms and we would ride off into the sunset together.

As a teen, I would dream of my wedding. My gown was white with lace and a veil draped over my face. My love would come up to me and lift my veil to kiss me, but his face was a blur, a mystery.

I now believe that the dreams of a child can come true, even if they are not as imagined.

As juvenile as these fantasies may seem, my American dream has come true.

After many dark knights, I found my prince.

He did not arrive on a white horse, but in a black Oldsmobile.

When he greeted me at the altar, his face was clear as day.

Our love continued to grow and it was love that gave us a son.

I believe in the simple things of life and giving my family what they need.

I may not always have what I want, but I know I have what I need.

I do not have a castle in a kingdom, but a modest home on the side of a mountain.

I do not have all the riches of money.

Instead, I am rich in love.

I do not have servants who cook extravagant meals.

I am able to provide the food that nourishes and sustains my family.

The sheets on my bed are not silk, but my bed provides comfort and rest.

I am safe, secure and free of danger within my home.

I know that I belong and I am accepted.

I do not have to be anyone except me.

Not a day goes by without hearing the words, “I love you”, which means more to me than words can say.

It is about the kiss and smile that accompany the words or the warmth I feel throughout my being.

All of these are most important to me.

All of this, I believe, is my American Dream.