This I Believe

Kyle - Loveland, Colorado
Entered on May 6, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: death

Killing is wrong; this I believe is wrong but right at the same time. There are some types of killing that are alright, the killing of animals is alright. The human race has been killing animals for nourishment and survival  sins the down of humans.  Nowadays are survival dissent depend on the harvesting of animals but people still do it for fun because it brings back that primal instinct the way your heart beats the adrenalin pumping the way everything seems to stand still when you squeeze of that shot the excitement of seeing the animal drop, this type of killing is ok because the hunter will eat the meat and not let it go to waste. But when you shewt the animal and just let it sit there and route that kind of killing is bad.

A more series type of killing is the killing of humans. You would think that no matter what killing of humans is bad which is true but also wrong the killing of a nuther human is wrong but in some cases can be ok like a sulger he dusint want to take a life but he has to so he can save his own life and protect his country and the views of his leader. Also if someone is trying to kill you and there is no other option butto take his life then I believe that is ok like with cops it is ok for them to pull the trigger and take a life because they are acting to save life’s. Another way that some killing is ok is the killing of mass murderers by lethal injection.  They have had their chance and shouldn’t be allowed to live if they have taken more than one life I don’t think they can change or learn a lesson from jail. It is harsh but they had there chance and should be taken off this earth. 

Yes I believe killing is wrong but it can be justified in some cases.