I Believe in Being Observant

Patricio - Las Cruces, New Mexico
Entered on May 6, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in being observant. Since I was about maybe seven years old I used to notice the smallest details that people don’t notice, like haircuts being slightly different.

Right now I’m in seventh grade and we are reading stories in literature. I seem to always be observing things that happen in the stories. Like one time we were reading a story called “Too White” by Daniel Chacon. He is a Mexican American writer who published three books. “Too White” started off with a kid who was hurt with his bike. I noticed that at the end of the story another character was hit on his bike. The ambulance arrived just like in the BEGINNING of the story. About two weeks later the author Daniel Chacon visited our school to tell us about his books. After his speech I told Daniel what I noticed in “Too White.” He was surprised! He never noticed it till when I told him. My friend also said something interesting that he observed and Daniel was surprised too.

In a project that a student assembled for my literature class, she mentioned the name “Joey” which was the main character in “Too White.” Nobody noticed that the character’s name came from “Too White” except me.

I will never stop being an observant person because you can pretty much predict conclusions in books, for instance plot twists. Sometimes there are more plot twist beyond the plot twists.

I believe in being observant because you see or read things that other people don’t notice. For example, on a dog there could be a brown spot from cancer and some people would not even care, but others, like me, could quickly react and might save the dog’s life.

I like being who I am. I always love to solve people’s problems that they have in school. I like giving advice to the people who need it. And I like seeing their joy when their problem is solved. You have to be observant to solve problems.