Stop the presses!

Paige - Lincoln, Nebraska
Entered on May 5, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65

I read where the one business that Warren Buffett would never buy shares in is the newspaper business. He sees them as money losers.

I’ve always seen the newspaper as the “white matter” in our nation’s “gray matter”. The are the truth that connects the brain cells together and teaches us that actions have consequences.

Newspaper carry news that computers never will. They notify us of births and scandals and celebrations that get cut out with scissors and pasted in scrap books to prove to the future that someone really did exist.

You don’t have to decide to press enter to read the front page news. It shouts at you with a bold headline upon opening.

If I was Warren Buffett, I would seriously question the wisdom of makin gmoney on the 12th can of pop that children drink and think about a world that no one holds in their hands to read about.

I would wake up in a cold sweat from messed up blood sugar and stop the pop and start the presses. In my nightmare of being Warren Buffett, I find that my money has replaced the hearts of not-for-profits. As I try to get the presses to roll again, they start but nothing comes out but profit and loss statements.

The storytellers are gone. They were as worthless as artists and they died.

Warren Buffett runs to the home of his grandchildren. They don’t recognize his voice but give him a piece of cheap Halloween candy from when he lived in Omaha.

Omaha! The home of the former Omaha World Herald.

The trees who gave their all in the service of truth and freedom mourn.

People click to entertainment news to hear about the token people who live our lives for us.

We crack open our daily 12 packs and settle down with our virtual famlies and wait for the blue screen of death