Life is Fair

Monique - pheonix, Arizona
Entered on May 5, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that life is fair, even when people ay its not. In life you can get so many chances even if you will. Life is filled with so many chances people just don’t even know. Like me when I play softball. I have the opportunity to become successful.

This is how I know. I have so many chances because when I play my game I’m zoned out until we are done. For example when I bring up softball, say you go up to bat and the first time you strike out. Then you never know you might hit a homerun. I would know because I had a similar experience. I had striked out at bat once then made a homerun the next.

The reason I say softball or even bring it up is because; I spend so much time on the field than I do anything else. Softball is my life I have done nothing else but play softball. I hope that one day I do become a legend. It would be my dream to become a legend.

And I know that life is short but it is at least fair. I know because I have had so many chances in my life. When people tell me that life is not fair, I don’t listen to them I keep doing what I’m doing. I try and ignore them. When they do say it I just say to myself I know life is fair. I don’t even have to waste my breath and say “yes life is fair “.

That’s when I know people say it just to gat attention. Even when they know life is fair. We all have our ups and downs but that is life, I mean what is life without feelings that count. This I believe .