Who’s to Blame

Rachel - Red Bud, Illinois
Entered on May 5, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

When bad things happen there is always a reason why. Even when the reason isn’t that noticeable. I believe bad things happen for a reason, no matter how bad they may seem. When I was in eighth grade the worse possible thing happened, my parents were getting a divorce. I couldn’t believe it happened to me. It seemed like we were always so close as a family I never saw any type of sign.

Why are they always fighting? I didn’t mean any harm by pushing them around Rachel and Emma are tough they can handle it. Their always talking about what they’re going to do with us. I can’t go anywhere without my sisters. Why don’t they care that I want them to stop. It’s breaking us apart and we need each other.

Know one knows how much stress the middle child brings on a family. It’s like all I want to do is tare everyone apart to make me feel better. But actually seeing it happen that’s another story. I’m tired of them fighting. I really never meant anything I said to them. I really don’t hate them and I wasn’t us to be together as a family. I won’t ever do anything to hurt anyone’s feelings anymore.

I’m the youngest I took everyone’s attention. I never meant to take it away from you and everyone gets hurt by it. I wish they would stop fighting about me and my sisters. I know I’m the baby of the family but also no I never meant to make anyone seem like their out of place. I miss the way things use to be. Know more fighting, yelling, and screaming because of us. I know it has to be my fault.

I believe that when things happen its always for a reason that is why I have forgiving my dad and his mistress Sue for their wrong and moved on to find a better way of showing him I am still his daughter and I do still love him. Even if my mom talks bad about him I still know if I need anything that I can still come to him. And now I know that bad things will happen in my life that may be hard to see past but everything happens for a reason. Even if the reason isn’t the best it still was going to happen sooner or later.