True Happiness

Benjamin - Red Bud, Illinois
Entered on May 5, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

True Happiness

Happiness is a big part of life that many people can not find. They may be poor and have no life, or rich and have no privacy. They may even be living a normal life and still not be happy. I believe that the true meaning of happiness is being who I am, not who others want me to be.

Being myself has made me achieve more in my life than being who others want to be. As I have noticed throughout my years in high school, too many kids my age change who they are to make others happy. Changing who you are to fit into a certain group or class of kids is very normal. I myself don’t worry about being in them groups or classes, I be myself. I don’t have to impress anyone or “change” to make friends.

If I was too change who I am for others, how would I and others know who the true Ben is. They wouldn’t know who I really was because I would be a totally different person with a totally different attitude with a totally different life. This I not the life that I would want to live. Making friends is a big and important part of life, but they should like you for who you are not who they want you to be.

So I believe that being myself will lead me to having a good and happy life. If I was to worry about those who think bad about me, I would always get myself down and let the drama of high school get to me. My friends are special to me and they like me for who I am, and they wouldn’t want me to change just for the good of others.

So this I believe, because I have to believe, because I need to believe that I am who I am. In some way, my belief may be strange to others, but to me I am doing what God put me on this earth to do. That is to be who I am and live the life that he gave me as best as I can.