This I Believe

Bernardina - Clifton Park, New York
Entered on May 5, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in God and have Faith in God. I respect all that others believe – unconditionally, or refer too as their God and or Faith.

This belief came to me well before formal catholic education, and I truly believe my parents blessed me at conception.

I have believed and have had unwavering faith for as long as I have had memory:

I recall one Easter Sunday at a very early age playing hide and seek w/my 3 sisters and 2 brothers – choosing too hide in a dark closet – I was at first frightened of my choice of hiding place; you know, the dreaded “Boogy Man” raced thru my young imagination. I was just a tad frightened, but I knew in my heart that God was w/me; I was safe… however, not safe from being discovered by my big brother Butchie (Peter) – trust me, closets are not good hiding places.

I remember this epiphany as I prayed to God asking him too keep me safe and not be scared of the dark closet. Additionally, I prayed that he not perform a miracle or make his presence known to me as he had done in the bible stories or more recently the gospel from the Sunday service “Jesus Christ is risen today”! Or, Moses and the burning bush, Noah and the Ark, or even raising Lazarus from the dead – I knew this was way more then I wanted to deal w/at my young age – I just wanted to play hide and seek.

However, and, this is a true statement: I do recall asking God to increase the number of Peeps in my Easter Basket; just like he did when he performed the miracle of the “Loaves and Fishes”.

Well, the good Lord did not make his presence known to me, and I didn’t get any additional peeps, but what I did get. Is still with me today, and that is “Faith” and no matter where I go, or try to hide, God is with me; this I believe…

I am 53 years old – born in Bermuda raised in Newport, RI; retired, and former Executive Director of Economic Development for a small rural county in upstate NY and former President of Strategic Consulting Group a lobbying firm specializing in municipal funding.