Little Dreams in Life

Ashley - Red Bud, Illinois
Entered on May 4, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I was a little girl I thought I could be anything that I wanted when I grew up. When I was four I wanted to be a princess, live in a castle and have a fairy tale life. That didn’t last long. Because, when you’re a little kid nothing is set in stone. Most of my ideas of what I wanted to be came from movies that I watched. I changed my mind a million times before I truly figured out what I want to be when I grow up.

At some point and time I wanted to be a doctor to save people’s lives and be a hero. Then I had big dreams of being a figure skater. When I was jumping around on the floor I would use my imagination thinking I was on the ice. I also thought that one day I could be a famous singer. I would walk around all day singing to Britney Spears’ songs. Then there was a time period when I wanted to be a model. I would get into my cousin Kelly’s closet and try on all of her clothes and walk down the hallway as if it were a runway. Then I had high hopes of being a professional softball player. I wanted to be just like every college player and every player for the USA team that I watched on the tv. Those were ideas I had when I was younger though.

When I got older I thought of more realistic ideas for me. I thought maybe it would be best if I was a stay at home mom. I love children and already knew that I wanted at least two so I thought that someone needed to take care of them and I didn’t like the idea of someone else doing that for me. That idea was scratched when I thought about money. Since I knew I loved kids I gave a really good thought about being a social worker for kids and teens. I knew that there were people out there that needed helped and I was willing to help them.

Now that I am eighteen and about to graduate high school and head into college, I made my choice to major in interior design. I am not a little kid anymore, I am an adult so this choice will be set in stone. I believed every moment of my childhood that I could be any of those things when I got older. I guess that is what childhood is all about, experimenting with your future. I believed if you dream big, you could be big. In my future I am positive I will do great because I am about to go to college for something that is fun, interesting, and what I love.

I believe in my future.