Stop Judging

Eric - Las Cruces, New Mexico
Entered on May 4, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that people should stop judging other people by the way people look, dress, and act. I hate when people do because they probably don’t even know the person they are judging. That person might be a chill person or someone who is pretty cool. At my middle school I dress all baggy and every day people think I am a gangster. I also hang out with gang members but that doesn’t mean that I am also. For example, during school time I couldn’t finish this paper but yet I asked my teacher if I could stay after school to finish this. Do you think I am a gangster?

See, I used to judge people. There was this kid named James who dressed all baggy, looked all gangster, and acted as if he were a rapper. I wasn’t the only person who judged him; it was the whole school. No one knew him because everyone was too scared to talk to him.

That all changed when I had to be partners with him for 6th grade P.E. We were playing baseball. When I heard that I had to be partners with him I said in my head, “With that troublemaker?” We were just throwing the baseball to warm up, but we didn’t even talk for about ten minutes. I kept throwing the ball at him. Then when it was time to go back inside to get dressed, James asked me if I even liked P.E. I told him it’s better than band. And we talked to each other. The next day in P.E. James was saying some funny stuff. Man, I was freaking cracking up.

Day after day me and James started hanging out more. Before and after school he would come to my house. We would play X-box 360 and skateboard because he wanted to learn how. And still to this day I hang out with James. Before, I would have never thought James would be cool to kick it with just because I assumed that he was a bad person just because of the way he looked, dressed, and acted.

See, so don’t assume things about people you don’t know. They might end up being your friend.