The Truth That Lies Within

Zach - Las Cruces, New Mexico
Entered on May 4, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

The truth that lies within us is what is underestimated. No one can tell the true consequences of lying. Sometimes they’re simple and sometimes we encourage ourselves to think of the lie as a half-truth. Or at least that’s what a part of us is hiding.

Have you ever given thought to the harsh, physical reaction after we lie to our followers and to ourselves till it gets to a point where it is nearly impossible to hide? The question we often forget to ask ourselves: Is the lie really worth it? By doing this we take a look at the previous, failure lies that have been told and backfired in the end.

Often I see lies spreading. I think the most common lie is rumors. The lies start off with what people want to hear. Once during Orchestra class we were at a concert late at night. Everything was the same until kids walked in the practice room and found urine. I wondered why everyone was holding their noses and laughing, that was until I finally got the word someone urinated in there. When I went to go look, they were right. I sort of giggled too. While our Orchestra teacher went around tuning instruments, she came to me. She asked me if I PEED in the practice room. I felt pretty stupid even having to answer. I didn’t see her asking anyone else, so why was she asking ME!? I replied with a simple, “Um, no, not really!”

The next day the class was doing some investigating to see who really did urinate in the practice room. I was pretty steamed at my Orchestra teacher for asking ME. I went up to her and asked why she thought it was me. She said she didn’t think, she just asked. That didn’t answer me in the way I wanted. I got a stomachache just thinking that I was the first person she figured would do something like that. Apparently all the other kids in the class were Eavesdropping on our Conversation. They started a rumor that it was me. I argued but they wouldn’t listen. It was embarrassing, but I don’t care anymore. It was crazy and it hurt but I accepted it. I didn’t use violence to solve it either. It’s their immature lies and rumors that are pointless. I know it’s pathetic; they really have nothing better to do but I know it’s not true no matter what they say. I think me not caring was what solved the rumor. I started ignoring people who brought it up and they saw that I wouldn’t cave in. I knew better. Eventually the rumor was pointless to everyone. They knew I was telling the truth and I didn’t respond negatively to their insults.

A lie is a lie and I experienced it with rumors. The thing is, it doesn’t matter how embarrassing and stupid it is. They know it’s a lie and they think you’d care.