“THIS WE BELIEVE”—Out of the mouths of 28 Beautiful Seniors (Mrs. Szerdy’s English 12 class, 2009, Twinsburg High School, Twinsburg, Ohio)

Katherine - Twinsburg, Ohio
Entered on May 4, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

“THIS WE BELIEVE”—Out of the mouths of 28 Beautiful Seniors

By Mrs. Szerdy’s English 12 class, Twinsburg, Ohio

I believe in miracles. —Danielle Oberthaler

I believe in you. I believe in myself. –Georgio Rodgers

I believe you’re never too old for a hug. –Courtney Bell

I believe actions ALWAYS speak louder than words. –Courtney Bell

I believe in miracles. –Rachel Desai

I believe our generation is the future. –Kyle Crowe

I believe it’s O.K. for guys to cry (I think it’s cute). –Danielle Oberthaler

I believe in making up for mistakes you make. –Raven Briscoe

I believe in miracles–Carina Harley

I believe God only deals you a hand you can handle. –Raven Briscoe

I believe success comes from your inner self. –Dominick McGunia

I believe in thinking outside the box. –Chris Aistrope

I believe people can change. –Peter Buescher

I believe everyone deserves a chance. –Sam O’Laughlin

I believe in giving people two chances. –Autumn Moore

I believe that you learn something new every day—you just don’t know it. –Danielle Oberthaler

I believe love at first sight is false. –Mike Geither

I believe in love at first sight. – Nick Bandiera

I believe that there’s someone for everyone. –Georgio Rodgers

I believe I’ve forgotten life before cell phones. –Delina Wilson

I believe we all walk alone. –Mike Geither

I believe nice guys don’t finish last. -–Tim Greene

I believe the world would be a better place if all 18-year-olds

were required to do one year of military or civil service. –Mama Z

I believe that everyone should participate in community service. –Al Burgun

I believe math and numbers are a code for everything.—Jonathon Galvan

I believe that everyone should ride motorcycles. –Al Burgun

I believe you should dance when no one is looking.—Ashley Sokolowski

I believe in guiltlessly spending a whole paycheck at the mall every once in awhile.—Tara Molina

I believe there’s no such thing as perfection. –Michael Grant

I believe hope is fueled by ambition. –Delina Wilson

I believe that hope becomes reality. –Rachel Desai

I believe in being comfortable with quiet. –Ms. Littler

I believe I can beat the odds. — Chris Aistrope.

I believe we should celebrate every gorgeous moment. –Mandi Lombardo

I believe everyone should take pictures. –Ashley Sokolowski

I believe laughter brings healing. –Ms. Littler

I believe color is only skin deep. –Kevin Miller

I believe in asking questions. –Tim Greene

I believe that it is our duty as Americans to vote…and wear seatbelts! —Mama Z

I believe that life is a very complex puzzle that’s missing some of the pieces,

so the future is never really done. –Michael Grant

I believe smoking is bad. –Mandi Lombardo

I believe drinking is stupid. –Tara Molina

I believe skateboarding helps to free your mind. –Jake West

I believe in the right to put up a front. –Andre Lowe

I believe fashion helps you express yourself. – Shay Moore

I believe friends make your life an adventure. –Sam O’Laughlin

I believe in taking a hiatus, frequently! –Jake West

I believe the Browns will be good some day. Kyle Crowe

I believe the Indians will win the series in my lifetime. –Kevin Miller

I believe we need more respect for each other.—Jonathon Galvan

I believe in mind and at heart my grandma and I are both 18.—Delina Wilson

I believe children should respect their parents. –Carina Harley

I believe my Mom is my guardian angel. –Tara Molina

I believe we can find a cure for cancer. –Peter Buescher

I believe there should be no war. –Nick Bandiera

I believe war should end. –Autumn Moore

I believe war should end. –Mandi Lombardo

I believe in world peace. –Andre Lowe

I believe peace is a state of mind. –Tim Greene

I believe in peace. –Shayne Beason

I believe there will be peace one day. –Ashley Sokolowski

I believe everyone has a voice. –Carina Harley

I believe in legacies. –Ms. Littler

I believe that every student has an “author within.” –Mama Z