this i believe

mason - rapid city, South Dakota
Entered on May 4, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

People walked by people day by day. It’s the little things we do that make our world go round. This I believe is a fact of life like the stars to the galaxy we the people have to help each other not matter the situation. There are many things in this world that makes our day better.

People have helped me a lot the little things some people do make me want to go forward and help someone else. One time I was at a basketball camp and I had no clue what I was doing the whistle was screaming at me and I had was helpless so friends kindly help me through so I didn’t get yelled at anymore. It was the little thing that he did for me that help me through that horrible practice.

As MJ was to the bulls my friend Chase it to me. He lives in Wyoming and ever time he comes to visit he makes my weekdays better. We can find help in anything the simplest hug or laugh can help a person so try and help people on a daily bases.

One of the things that influence my day the most is all the people I see and talk to. Their voice comes to life and sings to my ears. Everybody needs people in their life that help them. Find that person.