Family Bonds

Stephen - Antioch, Illinois
Entered on May 4, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe in the power of spending time with family. A family should find a common activity that they all enjoy. I have two of those activities with my family and they mean a lot to everyone that takes part in them. We will always remember these times and reminisce about them later in life.

Family relationships are very important while growing up. My dad, my brother Austin, and I have been going on family bonding baseball trips for the past few years, and the last year was the best yet. I loved it. My dad took Austin, my brother, and me to go see a few stadiums in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The highlight of the trip was definitely going to see the Philadelphia Phillies play at their new stadium, Citizens Bank Ballpark. We watched the Phillies annihilate the Baltimore Orioles, but the truth is that it did not matter who won or lost. The point of the trip was to have a good time, and we accomplished that. By having this relationship with my dad and Austin, I have opened new doors in other aspects of life. For instance, I am a baseball player and this is mostly because as a younger child my family would go out to baseball games, sign me up for little league baseball and just spend time with me while we did fun activities, like whiffle ball in the back yard. This is only one example of a time when my family has had a good time based on a certain thing.

Another illustration of a fun family experience is when my mom, Herb and I go out to church and then lunch on Sundays. I always enjoy our time and I have the opportunity to know Herb a lot better and know a different side of my mom. I used to only know my mom as a mother; however, by having this opportunity to spend time with her I can get to know her as a person, also. For example, when we go out to breakfast both my mom and Herb talk about their childhoods and tell stories about them. By learning about their pasts I can relate them to my life. This has helped me in my decision making, and more specifically, how to deal with peer pressure. Going out to breakfast and church with my mom and Herb has been exceptionally beneficial to me in my life.

A close knit family growing up is important. I know I am blessed to have a family like mine and I am thankful everyday for it. I believe in the power of spending time with family.