Wade - Rapid, South Dakota
Entered on May 4, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in many things but there is one that matters more than all beliefs. I believe in God and the Catholic Church.

I would always sit outside and admire the forest around our old house; my mom told me that God created everything. I believed everything she told me. I believe God did make the world. I believe he made all that is good. All that is good is God.

So how do I express my belief in God? I go to church twice a week and learn about what God and Jesus did in school. This class would be religion, or a set of beliefs concerning the cause of creation. Religion is like food, you can choose what kind you want to eat or you could not eat at all and starve.

A banquet of good food is our God. He has all we need and desire or should desire. If we go down a sinful path our God shall not punish but forgive us. A merciful father is our God. He is all knowing. He knows all that can be known is in all that there is. A wise and powerful fortress is our God. God knows every little detail of every one’s life. He gave us free will, or free independent choice.

The beautiful sites that we see seem to breathe as if they were alive. I believe that God is alive in everything I can see or think. I can only imagine how he could of thought of all the things in this world. I also feel that the church is somehow alive and speaking to all of it successors. They always seem to know what is right in the eyes of God. And by successors I mean the deacons, priests, bishops, and the pope. I believe they share a special bond or understanding with God. He can guide them to guide us to heaven. God is known and respected throughout the whole world.

A day does not pass when God is not given a prayer or thought of. He is referenced to all the time. For instance, he is referenced to at meals, on television, advertising, and in daily prayers. Some people look at the sky filled with white soft clouds or at forests or animals and not even realize who is responsible for such beauty.