Aidan Rules

Aidan - Rapid City, South Dakota
Entered on May 3, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I have many driving points in my life. These points may be cliché but they mean something to me. They are live life to the fullest, do things as best you can, and whatever you do today effects tomorrow.

Living life to the fullest to me is a big driving point. If I want to have abs of steel I will have to work for them as I do now. It also drives me to help people in need as I do which, hopefully, will give me a heart of gold. I also take risks to help me live life to the fullest. I hope to live life to the fullest by making love float from one person to another.

Doing things as best as I can do them is also a big driving point in my life. If I didn’t do things as best as I can where would I be by now and for that matter where would the world be by now. I study hard in school and this makes me as smart as Einstein (hopefully). Like a professional athlete I strive to do good. I workout hard so I can be as tough as a bull. That is why I do things as best I can.

The last driving point is that whatever I do today effects tomorrow. This is as deep as a hole in me, because I know its true. I know if I chose to litter today it will hurt the next generation. I hope to make knowledge of doing good today flow throughout the world. That is a big point in my life. Those were the big points in my life.