this i believe

Nicole - rapid city, South Dakota
Entered on May 3, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

My philosophy is one of the many things that I Look back at and it gives me allot of encouragement in making the right decision. My philosophy is to live life to the fullest and never hold something back in anything you do. This helps me through my both hard and easy decisions because it makes me think of anything that is possible and if I feel like I am holding back at it and not giving it my all than why am I doing it at all. Also if it is something that I am willing to give more it helps me look back at what I did wrong and know that I can truly do much better.

To believe every day that you can make a change for the better and live life even more fully is like waking up with a challenge ahead of you that is worth meeting or going above and beyond. What inspires me to live life is my mom because she has shown me that you always want to look back at your day and pick out at least 3 things you learned new and would like to learn even more about. She has always taught me to never give up on something like when I feel like I want to just give up on sports or something she makes me realize how I can grow even when I don’t like the situation or the sport it can always lead some way to becoming a stronger person in the future.

My friends are another reason this is my philosophy because they are always their to have fun and never give up on something. They always show me how to keep at something and when things don’t seem so good that it can always find something good out of the situation. When you have a tough day its always awesome to have your friends cheer you up and let you know that they are always going to be there for you no matter what.

Growing up is another hard part of knowing how to live your life and never holds back because you are learning who you are and how to know to never give up. When it is a hard day at school or at home you can just believe that you have grown in some way and how you could have made it better. Also when you have a bad day it is hard to smile and laugh but sometimes things aren’t worth holding on too in the end. And that is why my philosophy is to live life to the fullest and never hold something back in anything you do.