Work Hard to Improve your Life

Tyler - Rapid City, South Dakota
Entered on May 3, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

The philosophy that I have about life is that if you work hard you will be rewarded in many ways. Many times have I worked hard at something and it has turned out great and I was very proud of it. This philosophy helps like water feeds a plant because I know that if I water it well it will grow to be an adult and a beautiful and lush plant that will bear produce. This has happened many times to me but there is one where it counted the very most.

This is when I was working on the biggest project of the year. It was called History Day and I really wanted to go to state for it. I had set my hopes so high because I worked on it for seven hours in one day and I thought it looked great. But I still had my doubts because I had a friend whose brother had made it to state before him and he wants to go too, but, unfortunately, we did not do the same project together. Therefore only one of us could go to state if either of us got to go, but it was still anyone’s guess.

It started with a thing called the process paper. I went over to a friend’s house to finish it because he was leaving for a vacation that weekend. We finished it and were very happy because we had it done and over with. Then when he left, I was to do the poster board. It was like working under a steam press because everything we put on it was very delicate and we could not mess it up. It took us quite some time to finish it but my parents and I did. It seemed to gleam at me like it was as happy as I was.

I was very nervous on the Thursday after I had finished my poster board because that is when the judges came around and looked at our boards down in the schools library. I was very nervous because they asked us questions about our topic. My topic was Elvis Presley and I chose him because I knew that I could be creative when writing and making a board and a paper. I still have yet to learn whether I have or haven’t made it to state but either way I will be happy because I know that I have followed my philosophy and, if it is true, I will have done well on it.