12 Steps for A Non-Adict… By: mel Rouse

mel - Savannah, Georgia
Entered on May 3, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

1 – I believe that my boyfriend who just broke up with me will find who he is looking for some day.

2 – I believe that when I put on my Immaculate Medal and prayed my rosary in a Protestant service, my prayer’s were heard. Since then, the anxiety in my heart has subsided.

3 – I believe that I need to go home before I miss seeing my niece grow up.

4 – I believe that we are all different and that difference makes us wonderful.

5 – I believe I know what it is like to really say “good-bye”… and that is the saddest thing in all the world.

6 – I believe that I will make it to where I am headed or die trying along the way and be satisfied that I did try.

7 – I believe that I will put my whole heart into being the best teacher I can be.

8 – I believe that I have been wrong and hope, that I have been right.

9 – I believe that honesty is a rarity, and that I miss that it isn’t around anymore.

10 – I believe that we are adaptable, but forget that we are.

11 – I believe that it all comes down to family no matter who or what your family is.

12 – I believe that I have hurt myself and hope, that I can heal all of those wounds the grace and serenity that the universe can offer me.