Time is Limited

Nikita - Brookline, Massachusetts
Entered on May 1, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

Remember those times when you did nothing and just wasted your time? Just think about it. How many minutes a day do you waste just doing nothing? Now multiply that by the days you live. That is A LOT of time.

I remember a time when I just sat on my couch, looking at the ceiling doing nothing for hours. It was during the summer and I didn’t want to do anything that required energy or thinking. But instead of doing nothing I could have helped someone or had some fun instead. There were countless days in my childhood that were just like that. Since then, things have changed. I now try to use my time wisely. I remember, my time here on earth is limited, and therefore, I try to always do something meaningful with my time. So I believe I should never waste my time doing nothing. If I have nothing to do, I do something small, like listen to music. I’m having fun, even if it’s something humble. I always tell myself that. Tiny things are still things. I shall never forget that.

When I first came to the US from Sweden I felt that everybody was stressed. But as I look at the same people now, I see that they are using their time well. When they are riding on the T, everybody is listening to music or reading a book. In Sweden everybody would chill and do nothing. I think that Swedish people don’t really care about their time, but Americans do. I would say that most American people multi-task; they always do something.

I believe that your time is limited and you should use it well. Therefore, I really like “Carpe Diem” a phrase from a Latin poem by Horace. The meaning of that is “seize the day” and my understanding of this directly relates to my belief. I feel like this phrase demands us to, use our time wisely, because we never know what might happen tomorrow.

I think that I should do things when I have the opportunity, and I would like to do everything once before it’s too late die. That probably won’t happen, but if I get an opportunity to bungee jump, I will do it!

Valuing time doesn’t mean that you should stop chilling. You just need to balance relaxation with meaningful activity. I know, it sounds strange but I try to do it anyway. I usually manage to do it, and I feel very good. So while sitting on that couch staring on the ceiling, I do the same thing but with something to do. I always use my time…

I think now back to my lazy days on the couch and I’m grateful that they are fewer in my life now. I see that I have more time for useful things, and stuff that will bring back memories. Simply, now I have a more beneficial and more interesting life. A life that is full of surprises and high expectations. I want everybody’s life to be like that!