Joshua - shawnee, Kansas
Entered on May 1, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

In my life as a Catholic, I have really been asking myself how is this going to help

me in life. It has just been digging and digging into me to find out what being a Catholic

will help me do. So I have figured to just go through my head and see when God has

been there for me.

First, I can tell you that God has been there for some parts of my life. On the

other hand he hasnʼt the other times. So at moments in my life I really feel like God isnʼt

there for me at all. Especially when I need someone to look to for any help I would


Second, when he has been there for me, I can really notice. He just fills up my

body, like putting joy in my heart. It is like he will never leave my side. But, then there is

a chance that he wonʼt be there when I make a small mistake, like he is almost

ashamed of me.

In conclusion, I really doubt my belief in Catholicism. That I donʼt think that God

will ever be there for me. Also, that God might be there for one moment ,and just

disappear when I need him.