Taking On Responsibility in Childhood Makes Life Easy

Merih - Brookline, Massachusetts
Entered on May 1, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Being an excellent shepherd has made living my life as a young adult easier. When I was young living in Eritrea, I always had to take care of our sheep. I woke up every single morning as a daily worker to take care of them. I remember my grandma used to call me “ A Star Shepherd”. The amazing thing was that I never ever lost any single one of our sheep or let them be hunted or eaten by hyenas. I always felt taking care of our sheep meant the same thing as taking care of my life and my family’s. These sheep truly sustained my family. This wasn’t an easy job and required a lot of responsibility to not lose any sheep. I took it very seriously because losing sheep put my family’s livehood at risk.

Life is uncomfortable and hard when you don’t know how to handle responsibility and then try to become an experienced knowledgeable and reliable individual. No matter how loaded we are with problems, the key is to take on responsibility early in childhood and become a good problem solver. If you never take on responsibility early in your childhood, then you won’t be able to tolerate the responsibility you face as a young adult. Certainly, having responsibility as little boy definitely taught me to be independent and responsible throughout life. In addition, it gave me the advantage of being self-confident and unafraid of taking on difficulty and responsibility because I had already gotten a taste of the real world and learned how to be a good problem-solver. So if we accumulate responsibility, we will feel that that we are quite independent and need less help from anybody.

As a teenager, I now believe that taking on responsibility early in life will definitely make your future life easier. It’s better to have the experience of responsibility at a young age in order to meet the larger responsibilities you will face as an adult. This belief became especially true when I came to America and started to live a new life. The experience of being a star shepherd had already taught me how to be responsible. Now I think about my future life living on campus at college next year and wonder how I will handle it. However, from what I have already experienced as a young, I feel like I can easily take care of myself. I was prepared for times when I didn’t have support or guidance and I had to figure our things out all by my self. So I take one day at a time and so far, so good.