I Believe

Michael - Lenexa, Kansas
Entered on April 30, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

People may say different things about what they believe in. I am not saying their opinion is wrong because no one can be sure about these things unless they go there themselves which means dying. After going there, you can’t come back. In this essay I will say my beliefs, why these are so, and how I’ve been committed to these beliefs. Some of you might say these are lies but others can say the same thing back to them. This is what I believe in.

My beliefs are really pretty simple. I believe in God, and that he is the creator of Heaven and Earth. I believe that his Son died on the cross for us and that he was both human and divine. I believe that the Holy Spirit comes upon each of us in the sacrament of Baptism and that it stays with us and helps us throughout the entirety of our life. I believe in Heaven and that when we die we must first pass a test to get into Heaven.

God has always been a huge factor in my life and I’ve always felt his presence. At first I didn’t know what it was. For awhile I actually thought it was puberty, but that is a completely different matter. If you believe in God you kind of have to believe in Jesus and the Holy Spirit because its three in one. No matter what, I will never change my beliefs on these subjects.

I do and always will love God with all my heart. If someone asked me what I believe in I will tell them straight out what I have said in this paper. I will also never accuse anyone else of having the wrong beliefs. There are many religions that I do not quite understand and its not my place to interfere with them, and this essay is surely not meant to be offensive.

In this essay I have stated my beliefs. These are the beliefs that I’ve always had and I plan to stay true to them. Even if someone does not agree with me about these beliefs, I will always have them. No matter what I will always love God and the sacred Trinity. They have always been here for me and I will be there for them. This is what I believe.