This I Believe

Logan - Lenexa, Kansas
Entered on April 30, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe, in Jesus, the Son of God, who died to take away my sins. He is the savior of the world. He had a choice of whether or not He wanted to die, and He chose to die. He foresaw everything they were going to do to him. He was so scared He sweat blood, which is physically possible, if you were moved to be that terrified. He was first scourged, tied to a pole and whipped with two to three inch shards of bone. Every time they hit Him chunks of flesh would go flying. Then they crowned Him with thorns. These thorns weren’t the kind your thinking of. These thorns were three or so inches long, and they were driven deep into Jesus’ head. After a long climb to Golgotha, or “place of the skull,” Jesus had huge nails driven through His wrists and feet. Think of the pain. Then He was hauled into the air, supported only by the nails in His wrist. But then something wonderful happened. He gave his mother, Mary the Blessed Virgin, to us. While He was dying on the cross, He was still thinking of us, and He shows this by giving us this great gift. I believe that we still have Mary as our mother, and that every time something bad happens, we should go to her and ask for her prayers. Like any good mother, she will listen. Lastly, I believe that, with the help of Jesus Christ, we will eventually make it to heaven.