My Faith

Ben - Lenexa, Kansas
Entered on April 30, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever thought that being catholic was boring, to time consuming, and to pointless? Well I have. I would always be in mass and think, “man if I wasn’t catholic I could be at home right now playing x-box”. I have learned that mass and being catholic is always more important then playing x-box.

I always thought that being catholic was so boring. I was always the one that just wanted to fall asleep in mass cause I found nothing entertaining about it. I would take the little pencils out of there holders and color on the money donation forms. I thought about what i have later to do that day and planned it ahead of time. I thought mass was terrible.

I also found that being catholic was way to time consuming. I always had to give up my day to go do service hours. I had to get up early and not be able to sleep in just to go to the usual boring old mass. Being catholic had made me spend time that I honestly did not want to spend. Since I had been thinking I was wasting time, catholicism was not for me. I would be wanting to play x-box, or basketball, or any other sport but I couldn’t because I was doing things for God.

I also thought that being catholic was pointless. I hated having to do all these things that didn’t benefit me in any way. All I could do was serve serve serve. I didn’t know why we should be catholic when we could give that up and spend all of our time with our friends and ourselves. I did not like being catholic.

Being catholic was not what I wanted. But I learned that being catholic, serving God, and serving others would be helpful in the long run. Catholicism will lead me to being a better person. When I die I will have eternal life with God and live with him in heaven for all eternity. Instead of having fun on earth for a few years. Now I know why I need to practice being catholic and it’s the right thing to do