The Perfect World

Connor - Chesterfield, Missouri
Entered on April 30, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that genetic mutation and genetic engineering threatens our planet’s natural beauty and tranquility.

It may seem a little odd, even a little far fetched, but even though I have not traveled the world, or seen amazing beauty on our planet, I know that there are things here that are worth preserving. Most of this, I am ashamed to say, I have learned not through experience, but through television and my readings. I love to watch the discovery channel and see programs like “Planet Earth” or “Man vs Wild” where the beauty and danger of our planet is extensively analyzed and probed. To see such spectacles, even if it is just on the television, is a real privilege to me.

But recently I have been thinking about genetic engineering and genetic mutation due to my reading of Never Let Me Go. The premise of which is that people are being cloned for organ donations.

This then led me to ponder on the genetic modification of other products such as our food. I thought, genetically engineering food products could be beneficial. It could help sustain our species and create more abundant sources of food.

Although this process could help our planet for a time, I thought, where do we draw the line?

If we begin to mutate the genes in plants and animals, and we succeed, then what is there to stop us from trying to make people better? This worries me more than anything else because I believe that if humans are let free and unchecked to do as they please with the natural order, then the entire planet, with all of its beauty, is threatened.

But what is wrong with us altering the planet slightly if it will help us?

The other day when I was watching “Planet Earth”, my favorite TV show ever, and I saw places that were completely untouched by man. Whether it be a majestic waterfall, or a forest that grows and lives just as we do, or an animal that somehow lives in a climate no one would think possible. All of these things prove to me that the world knows how to keep things living, and how to work at its fullest potential.

I believe that the world we live in is beautiful. It has sustained life for thousands of years, and it does not need our help to continue that. To threaten our world’s natural beauty is a crime, and should be avoided if at all possible.